About CrossFit at Midtown Movement

While we have lots of modalities and ways to get in shape at Midtown Movement, the main tool we utilize is CrossFit.

We are Tallahassee’s premier Crossfit Gym facility.  We combine out Crossfit Programming with on site combining medical services, rehabilitation programs, personal training all geared towards and intended to improve your Crossfit expereince.  

This allows you the best opportunity to achieve and maintain your goals.


Our CROSSFIT MEMBERSHIP Includes acess to the following



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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

IV / Infusion Therapy

IV / Infusion Therapy

Personal Training

Personal Training

Midtown Gym Outside

Trauma Informed
Personal Coaching

Open Gym

24/7 Open Gym

We Focus on Several Key Components to Ensure Your Success.


At Midtown We invest heavily in our coaches. This is what separates our gym from any other in the region.  Our Coaches are an integral component to your success and we believe that continued education and growth from our coaches is just as important as your growth as a member.  We strive for excellence from our coaches to ensure you have the safest most rewarding experience possible.


Consistent exercise training is crucial to your overall fitness.  At Midtown, unlike other gyms, we count on you being here everyday, and put systems in place to help you along the way.  Intense training programs take advantage of the body’s natural movements and produce dramatic changes. Don’t hesitate to start today!


Our Tallahassee facility is built around the idea that a community of positive like minded people can help you achieve your goals and transcend the physical benefits seen from working out in a crossfit box or big box gym. Come join a group of people who care about you and your goals in and out of the gym.


Proper weight lifting is safe at any age and can help to prevent disease, improve endurance, build muscle mass, rev up your metabolism and develop maximum strength. Your beach body will thank you, as will your future self.

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