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All Medical & Rehab appointments will be at Pathway Medical until further notice. 2425 Mahan Drive Tallahassee, FL 32308, 850-386-8282

Midtown Medical Offers several types of Medical Care.

1. Direct Primary Care / Concierge Style of Primary Care. 

This is a specific problem solving engagement.  Unlike your traditional Doctor who manages your illness, Dr. Farrah accepts limited Patients and acts as your personal medical consultant.  This can be an ongoing relationship or a 3-6 month relationship where he helps you navigate and solve a specific issue with which you are having difficulty with. This is on a limited basis and requires a consult with Dr. Farrah to see if our style of care matches the needs and desires you have.

2. Hormone Replacement Therapy.  This is Dr. Farrah’s primary area of practice and largest patient base.  Dr. Farrah has been practicing in the area since first becoming a nurse and now as a Nurse Practitioner.

See Below for Specific Care Details

One of our training staff working with a client

Our Services

Hormone Replacement Sample

Female Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Patient for male testosterone replacement therapy

Male Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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