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Cold Plunge

Cold Plunge

Athletic teams from highschool through professional teams have used cold plunge pools for a long time to help their athletes achieve relief after strenuous activity, but you don’t have to be a serious athlete to reap the benefits of cold exposure therapy. Research has shown that alternating cold and heat is a great way to promote circulation, which is crucial in healing and recovering from injury.

Modern science has proven that cold water immersion triggers the autonomic nervous system which controls involuntary functions to raise blood pressure, increase heart rate, and constrict blood vessels. These responses strengthen with each exposure to cold water, stabilizing your blood pressure, improving your circulation, and balancing otherly bodily functions such as the sleep/wake cycle.

Whether you are looking to boost performance, heal chronic health conditions or improve your psyche, cold water therapy is an effective part of your toolkit!

Top 10 Health Benefits of Cold Immersion

Promotes circulation to injured tissue

Reduce inflammation

Decrease muscle soreness

Improve stress resilience & reduce stress

Boosts the immune system

Increase energy

Improve lymphatic movement

Improve sleep

Nourishes skin

Nourishes hair